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Beed 1

Event Name :
Poultry rearing for self employment
Event Venue :
Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Beed-I
KVK address :
Krishi Vigyan Kendra,Post Box No. 28, Ambajogai, Dist. Beed
Contact person details :
Dr. Ravindra Korake
SMS Animal Scvience
Event Date :
4/22/2019 To 4/25/2019
Objective: Poultry rearing for self employment
Pre Event Description :
Vocational training on ‘Poultry rearing for self employment’ was conducted at KVK campus for Rural Youth. Total 23 participants/ trainees from 7 villages involved in this vocational training. Topic related to poultry rearing are covered under this training. (i) Importance of poultry rearing (ii) Present status of poultry business (iii) Method of poultry rearing (iv) Selection of site for poultry shed construction (v) Construction of poultry shed (vi) Breeds of chicken- Indigenous, foreign, developed (crossbreed) (vii) Selection of chicken breed for meat & eggs purpose (viii) Cleaning & sterilization of poultry shed (ix)Care of chicks during travelling (x) preparation of shed before arrival of chicks (xi) Preparation of shed after arrival of chicks (xii) Vaccination & medication to chicks (xiii) Brooding process (xiv) Care of birds for meat/ broiler (xv) Care of birds for eggs production (xvi) Feed preparation (xvii) Care of birds in different seasons.
Target Group: Farmer