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Event Name :
On Campus Training
Event Venue :
Krishi Vigyan Kendra, , Faloj ,Dungarpur
KVK address :
Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Faloj, Distt. Dungarpur
Contact person details :
Dr. S.N. Ojha
Senior scientist cum Head
Event Date :
9/16/2017 To 9/19/2017
Objective: Introduction and use of improved implements for drudgery reduction
Pre Event Description :
During training, various tools useful in agricultural work like maize sheller, peanut sheller machine, advanced sickle, fertilizer broadcaster machine, paddle-driven maize sheller machine, plant transplanting machine, multi-use bag, vegetable pricker, cloak etc. During the agricultural activities, information about protective clothing was provided to save the body, as well as to demonstrate trainees were also taught to use them. Women were trained through Power Point Presentation and Film Show about mechanization in agriculture, methods of prevention of possible accidents during agricultural activities.
Target Group: Farm Women