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Event Name :
Diagnostic visits on seasonal crops and disease incidence of poultry
Event Venue :
Torbung, Bangla Torbung, Saheljang, Tolen
KVK address :
Krishi Vigyan Kendra,Pearsonmun village,Distt. Churachandpur
Contact person details :
Dr. N. Johnson Singh
SMS (Plant Protection)
Event Date :
7/2/2018 To 7/2/2018
Objective: 1. Assessment of improved variety of maize under farmers’ field 2. Monitoring of pests and diseases of seasonal crops 3. Observations on disease incidence of poultry
Pre Event Description :
Field visits on different villages of Churachandpur district was conducted by the expert team of KVK Churachandpur. During the visit seasonal crops like maize, chili, beans, banana, etc. were observed under farmers field. Majority of viral disease were diagnosed in chilli and banana crops in Bangla Torbung and Sahenjang villages. Triticum blight was also recorded in maize. Several management practices were also discussed and efforts were made to encourage organic farming for the welfare of the farming community. Further, diseases incidences of the poultry from time to time were discussed with the farmers and preventive measures of the diseases were advised. A total of 21 progressive farmers were covered during the visit. They appreciated the efforts made by KVK Churachandpur.
Target Group: Farmer
Image: Monitoring of pests and disease on maize