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Event Name :
On Campus Training Programme on Integrated Crop Management in Chrysanthemum.
Event Venue :
ICAR-Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Chitradurga, Babbur farm
KVK address :
ICAR-Krishi Vigyan Kendra,Babbur Farm, Hiriyur Tq.,Chitradurga District
Contact person details :
Mr. Prakash Kerure
SMS, Horticulture
Event Date :
9/22/2017 To 9/22/2017
Objective: Integrated Crop Management in Chrysanthemum.
Pre Event Description :
Chrysanthemum is an important flower crop of our Chitradurga district and fetches more value during festivals. Farmers are facing more problems with respect to nutrition, pest and disease incidence so in order to tackle the problems faced by farmers in Chrysanthemum crop an FLD was initiated to educate farmers on balanced nutrition based on soil test recommendation, use of micronutrients zinc sulphate 4kg per acre and borax at 1kg per acre, FYM enrichment with bio-inputs that is trichoderma at 4kg per tonne of FYM, for flower bud borer incidence spraying of protenophos or chlorpyriphos at 2ml per liter and for leaf blight spraying of mancozeb at 2g per liter for effective pest and disease control.
Target Group: Farmer