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Kurnool 1

Event Name :
Introduction of Knitted hand gloves for harvesting of Green fodder for reducing drudgery of farm women
Event Venue :
R.S.Rangapuram, Amadala, Panyam, Govindapalli and Yagantipalle.
KVK address :
Krishi Vigyan Kendra,Yagantipalli, PO. BanaganapalliDistt. Kurnool
Contact person details :
K.Lakshmi Priya
Programme Assistant (Homescience)
Event Date :
9/13/2017 To 3/6/2018
Objective: To reduce drudgery of farm women in harvesting of green fodder.
Pre Event Description :
Introduced cotton knitted hand gloves for harvesting of green fodder. With the use of cotton hand gloves the strain while harvesting, scratches, injuries and fatigue was reduced and drudgery was recorded as Minimum than their regular practice, which was recorded from moderate to maximum.
Target Group: Farm Women