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Event Name :
Mushroom production training
Event Venue :
on campus training on KVK, Siwan
KVK address :
Bhagwanpur Hat, Siwan
Contact person details :
Dr. R. K. Mandal
8987298090 06153272485
Event Date :
10/4/2018 To 10/6/2018
Objective: to improve the income of rural women producing mushroom production.
Pre Event Description :
KVK has organized a training programme of mushroom cultivation from 04.10.2018 to 06.10.2018 at KVK, bhagwanpur hat siwan campus. in this training programme about 20 rural women youth have participated. The scientist of KVK, siwan has suggested to how to cultivate the mushroom from low cost material. The scientists also demonstrated how to prepared mushroom such as polly bag, wheat straw and spawn into the wheat straw. leaflet and pumplet were distributed amomg the participate. The scientists also told about the carbohydrates, protein and minerals present in the mushroom. How many cooked material will be prepared from this mushroom such as pickles Kheer, sweets use as vegetable etc. They also told the importance of mushroom for human being.
Target Group: Farm Women
Image: mushroom training photo
Image: mushroom training photo