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Event Name :
Swachta Pakhwara
Event Venue :
Village: Chitreti, P.S. Dovda, Distt. Dungarpur and KVK Faloj Dungarpur
KVK address :
Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Faloj, Distt. Dungarpur
Contact person details :
Dr. S.N. Ojha
Senior scientist cum Head
Event Date :
6/9/2017 To 6/24/2017
Objective: To aware farmers and farmwomen about Cleanliness To create awareness among rural community about importance of health Hygiene of human being as well as domestic animals
Pre Event Description :
Krishi Vigyan Kendera Dungarpur organized swachta pakhwara from 9th June, 2017 to 24th June 2017. During this period KVK staff were cleaned their rooms, almerahs, and KVK Building and KVK campus. Farmers and Farm women of Villages near to KVK were aware about Household cleanliness and importance of health hygiene of human being as well as domestic animals.
Target Group: Farm Women