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Kurnool 1

Event Name :
Training Programme on Nutrition Education to mothers with emphasis on micro nutrient deficiencies
Event Venue :
Jalakanur Village Of Midthur Mandal
KVK address :
Krishi Vigyan Kendra,Yagantipalli, PO. BanaganapalliDistt. Kurnool
Contact person details :
K.Lakshmi Priya
Programme Assistant (Homescience)
Event Date :
7/21/2016 To 7/21/2016
Pre Event Description :
Awareness Training Programme was organized for 25 women farmers (Pregnant & Lactating Mothers) on nutrition Education with main Emphasis on micronutrient deficiencies and importance of green leafy and other vegatablesin daily menu,preparation of lowcost foods with locally availble millets etc. This Programme was organised in collaboration with AWWs& Superviser of ICDS.
Image: Awareness Training Programme On Nutrition Education to Women farmers(Pregnant&Lactating Mothers) with Main emphasis on Micronutrient deficiencies,Impotance of green leafy and other vegetables in daily menu and preparation lowcost value added foods with millers etc.This progarmme was organized in collaboration with AWWs& Supervisers of ICDS.