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Ramanagara : Profile

Post Employee Name Designation Subject Joining Date
Head dr. savita s. manganavar senior scientist and head home science 05-02-2018
Vacancy : No
Subject Matter Specialist dr. lata r. kulkarni scientist home science 01-10-2012
dr. b. g. hanumatharaya scientist horticulture 05-10-2012
mr. syed mazara ali scientist agricultural engineering 31-01-2012
dr. s. kamala bai scientist agronomy 24-11-2012
dr.g. keshavareddy scientist plant protection 27-09-2013
dr. dinesha, m. s. scientist (agronomy) agronomy 02-02-2018
mrs. preethu, d. c. scientist (soil science) soil science 02-05-2018
dr. rajendraprasad, b. s. scientist (plant protection) plant protection 16-02-2018
Vacancy : 1
Assistant ms. suma, h. b. assistant commerce 02-01-2017
Vacancy : 1
Driver mr. rajesh, n. tractor driver 0 26-04-2010
mr. krishnappa, v. driver (lv) 0 02-09-2015
Vacancy : No
Farm Manager dr. sowmya, k. j. programme assistant seed science and technology 29-01-2014
Vacancy : No
Programme Assistant mr. k. r. shyamasundar programme assistant (computer) commerce & computer science 19-01-2011
mr. s. c. ranganatha programme assistant biotechnology 14-05-2011
Vacancy : No
Skilled Supporting Staff mrs. saraswathamma supporting staff 0 18-05-2012
mr. narasimhachar, e. supporting staff 0 11-05-2013
Vacancy : 1
Stenographer mr. siddappa, k. stenographer commerce 01-10-2015
Vacancy : 1
Soil Health Card (till date 02-08-2017)
No. of soil sample collected: 84
No. of soil analyzed: 84
No. of soil health cards issued: 84
S.No Appliance Name Model Year of Purchase Availability
1 mango picker picker 2017 Discarded
2 ragi seed drill seed drill 2017 Discarded
3 weeder balaram weeder 2015 Discarded
4 tractor drawn disc harrow disc haroow 2013 Discarded
Crop details

S.No Season Crop Name Variety Area(ha) Yield(kg)
1 kharif sunhemp local 2.8 1833

S.No Quarter No. of Cattle No. of Buffalo No. of Sheep No. of Goat No. of Poultry No. of Horticulture Farm
1 Jan-Mar 3 0 4 17 22 1
Fisheries Detail

S.No Rohu Katla Nain Ponds
1 0 0 1500 1