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Surendranagar : Profile

Post Employee Name Designation Subject Joining Date
Head mr. m. f. bhoraniya scientist plant pathology 19-09-2012
Vacancy : No
Subject Matter Specialist dr. b. c. bochalya scientist extension education 23-08-2006
dr. r.p.kalma scientist animal science 07-12-2016
Vacancy : No
Farm Attendent mr. a. m. dhadavi farm attendant cum peon 01-10-2015
Vacancy : No
Programme Assistant mr. r.p. vagadiya office superintendent cum accountant 01-12-2011
mr. p. t. patel computer programmer 30-12-2008
Vacancy : No
Stenographer mr. s.h. shukla junior stenographer cum computer operator 19-11-2013
Vacancy : No

S.No Quarter No. of Cattle No. of Buffalo No. of Sheep No. of Goat No. of Poultry No. of Horticulture Farm
1 April-June 02 00 00 06 00 1