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Thane : Profile

Post Employee Name Designation Subject Joining Date
Subject Matter Specialist shri. v.m. jadhav subject matter specialist extension education 21-10-2002
shri. b. m. kushare subject matter specialist agronomy 06-10-2006
shri. u. g. sahane subject matter specialist agricultural entomology 24-08-2009
smt. r. a. deshmukh subject matter specialist home science 05-07-2010
smt. a. d. divate subject matter specialist agril. engg (processing) 17-01-2014
Vacancy : No
Driver shri. s. r. dhak driver driver 01-08-2006
Vacancy : No
Farm Attendent shri. r. s. ale attendant attendant 01-08-2015
Vacancy : No
Farm Manager shri. n. j. chaudhari farm manager farm manager 06-09-1984
shri. prashant vartha farm manager farm manager 01-06-2018
Vacancy : No
Other-Support shri. d. s. wangad messenger messenger 01-08-2015
Vacancy : No
Programme Assistant shri. a.k. bhoir programme assistant soil science 01-10-2010
smt. m. r. bhange programme assistant office superintendent 06-08-1991
shri. anil kumar singh programme assistant (computer sci.) computer science 02-06-2018
Vacancy : No
Stenographer shri. r. p. bari stenographer stenographer 02-11-1984
Vacancy : No
Soil Health Card (till date 31-03-2017)
No. of soil sample collected: 1058
No. of soil analyzed: 1058
No. of soil health cards issued: 2511