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Mainpuri : Profile

Post Employee Name Designation Subject Joining Date
Subject Matter Specialist dr. vikas ranjan chaudhary scientist horticulture 19-09-2008
dr. sanjay kumar pandey scientist a h 29-11-2004
dr. jagdish mishra scientist soil science 11-04-2008
dr. akansha chaudhary scientist home science 11-04-2008
shri ramdden yadav scientist agri ext. 02-08-2008
shri ramdden yadav scientist agri ext. 02-08-2008
Vacancy : 1
Driver shri kishan chand mishra jeep driver jeep driver 12-05-2005
Vacancy : 1
Programme Assistant rajesh kumar shah programme assistant computer computer 17-05-2008
Vacancy : 2
Skilled Supporting Staff ram krishna singh o.s. assistant accountant 01-12-2018
Vacancy : No
Soil Health Card (till date 20-07-2017)
No. of soil sample collected: 512
No. of soil analyzed: 512
No. of soil health cards issued: 512