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West Sikkim : Profile

Post Employee Name Designation Subject Joining Date
Head tsering norbu bhutia sr. scientist & head plant breeding 01-12-2014
Vacancy : No
Subject Matter Specialist jaya prakash dulal sms agronomy agronomy 17-04-2017
sangay palmoo bhutia sms horticulture floriculture & landscaping 06-01-2012
rohini silwal sms plant protection entomology 06-01-2012
dr. lhaki doma bhutia sms animal science vet. pathology 28-03-2017
bhison pradhan sms agri. extension agriculture extension 21-05-2012
basant tamang sms soil science soil science 01-08-2018
Vacancy : No
Assistant yogendra chettri sr. accountant 11-07-2008
Vacancy : No
Driver kamal chettri driver xii 27-02-2007
lakpa tsh. bhutia driver xii 04-07-2014
Vacancy : No
Farm Manager chandra bdr. chettri farm manager bsc. agriculture 05-01-2012
Vacancy : No
Other-Support yadu pd. ghimirey peon x 26-02-2007
Vacancy : No
Programme Assistant phurba diki sherpa training assistant bsc. agriculture 05-01-2012
ramesh basnett computer programmer 14-06-2007
Vacancy : No
Stenographer prativa tamang stenographer b.a. 27-02-2007
Vacancy : No
Watchman malum dhoj subba chowkidar xii 26-02-2007
Vacancy : No
Soil Health Card (till date 05-12-2017)
No. of soil sample collected: 358
No. of soil analyzed: 358
No. of soil health cards issued: 358

S.No Quarter No. of Cattle No. of Buffalo No. of Sheep No. of Goat No. of Poultry No. of Horticulture Farm
1 Oct-Dec 2 2 3
Fisheries Detail

S.No Rohu Katla Nain Ponds
1 0 0 0 1