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Cuddalore : Profile

Post Employee Name Designation Subject Joining Date
Head dr. n.sriram senior scientist agricultural extension 22-06-2020
Vacancy : No
Subject Matter Specialist dr. r.baskaran sms(agronomy) agronomy 25-06-2020
dr. k.natarajan sms(seed science technology) seed science technology 08-04-2015
dr.k.sundhariya sms(horticulture) horticulture 13-07-2020
dr.s.maruthasalam sms( plant pathology) plant pathology 17-05-2018
dr. k.bharathikumar sms( plant breeding and genetics ) plant breeding and genetics 01-07-2020
tmt.g.porkodi sms(soil science and agricultural chemistry) sms(soil science and agricultural chemistry) 19-07-2014
Vacancy : No
Assistant th. ravichandran assistant sslc 31-07-2020
Vacancy : No
Driver th. j.jayaprakash driver sslc 19-11-2018
Vacancy : No
Other-Support th.a.narayanasamy pusm esslc 30-12-2009
th.a.deivasigamani office assistant hsc 27-01-2011
Vacancy : No
Other-Technical th.s.arul driver cum mechanic sslc 23-02-2007
Vacancy : No
Programme Assistant tmt. a. vijayalakshmi programme assistant(computer) (computer science) 10-08-2020
th.d.kumar farm manager 06-06-2007
tmt.g.meenalakshmi programme assistant(technical) science) 28-02-2011
Vacancy : No
Stenographer tmt.t.suganthirani superintendent hsc 12-03-2019
Vacancy : No