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S.No Event Name Event Date (mm/dd/yyyy) Event Venue Description Contact Person Objective Target Group Brochure Files
1 Production technology of Mustard crop 9/24/2019 To 9/24/2019 Nikhri Variety- RH-0749, RB-50, RH-8812, RH-30, NRCDR-2, NRCDR-601, BRMRIJ-31(Girraj), CS-54, CS-56 Seed rate- 5kg/ha. Time of sowing- 30 sept- 20 Oct. Method of sowing- Distance between line to line -30cm, Plant to plant - 10-15cm, for irigate condition. Fertilizer- 32kg N, 12kg P2O5 & 8kg K for irrgated condition and 16kg N & 8kg P2O5 for unirrigated condition with 10kg ZnSO4(21%) in both situation. Irrigation- 2-3 irrigation depends on soil texture. First irrigation on flowering stage and after other irrigation on pod formation situation. Sh. V. J. Singh
SMS (Agronomy)
9992624977 01274222475
To enhance productivity of mustard crop per/ha. for more income of the farmers by adopting latest technology & package & practices of mustard crop. Farmer -
2 Production technology of Gram crop 9/25/2019 To 9/25/2019 ON CAMPUS NIL Sh. V. J. Singh
SMS (Agronomy)
9992624977 01274222475
NIL Farmer -
3 Early cultivation of Potato for better market value 9/26/2019 To 9/26/2019 Guryani Need of early cultivation of potato for maximum market rate of yield. Training will be provide on following points:- Climate- Soil type, preparation of field, manures & fertilizers, selection of seed and its treatment, Seed rate, suitable varieties, time of sowing. Sowing distance, weed management irrigation, earthing, precaution from frost, plant protection, measures, digging of potato, production, storage & marketing. Dr Pramod Kumar Yadav
SMS (Horticulture)
9255182084 01274222475
1.Motivate for early cultivation. 2. For providing high market value of produce. 3. Pacakage & practices of potato. 4. Integrated insect pests & disease management Farmer -